Why Gatefold Invitations are "the new black"

If you are desperately searching high and low for the perfect wedding invitation that is unique, modern, has plenty of room for your guest details, and provides an undeniable "WOW" factor...then the Gatefold Wedding Invitation is the invitation you are looking for. They offer you the opportunity to showcase gorgeous imagery, and then open up to reveal so much information, and welcome your guests into the story of your big day in a way that other invitation styles cannot.

Our Classic Minimalist Gatefold shown above

What is a Gatefold Invitation?

Gatefolds are a single sheet of heavyweight card stock, pre-cut and pre-scored to create two panels that meet perfectly in the middle, then open up to reveal your invitation and details inside. The structure creates 3 external and 3 internal faces that can be customized to suit your needs. QR Codes can be added to take your guests straight from their smartphone to your wedding website. All the details in one sleek, gorgeous package.

Why the Gatefold? 

They look great! Gatefold Wedding Invitations announce your event using a classic double-door style invitation but in an entirely fresh way! Personalized with a beautiful photo of you both (or any other image you may prefer), they communicate all the details your guests will need without a cumbersome bundle of extra cards. 

What about QR Codes? 

Over the past two years, QR Codes have taken over the wedding stationery business. I would estimate that 80% of couples decide to go down this path because of the sheer practicality of them. 

How does a QR Code work? A QR code (short for Quick Response code) is an array of black and white squares or pixels set in a grid that stores data for a machine to read. A smartphone or camera can quickly process the information contained in a QR code’s specific arrangement of pixels, making it a convenient way to access data. In the wedding stationery world, they are an ideal way to connect your guests from their smartphone, to the RSVP page on your wedding website, your Registry, or anywhere else you would like to draw them to.

How do I create a QR Code? You don't need to! I can do all of that for you. I just need the link/URL of wherever you want yours guests to be directed to.

A word of caution if you are creating your own: There are many QR Code Generators out there. Simple is best. I always recommend downloading as an SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) so it is crystal clear. A blurry low-resolution JPEG will not be a great look.

Gatefold Structure

Gatefold Wedding Invitations can be very flexible. The following is simply an example of a structure that works for most people. You could include a beautiful high-res watercolor graphic of your venue, a digitalized hand drawn map, photos of your fur babies, or anything else you can imagine.

1. The Front

This is the first impression and your opportunity to showcase those gorgeous engagement photos you had done. Why just keep them in an album when you can welcome your guests to your story!  

Photo Placement Options

  • Full Front
  • Full Front Framed 
  • Left Front  - include your monogram or names on the other side
  • Left Front Framed - include your monogram or names on the other side
  • Right Front  - include your monogram or names on the other side
  • Right Front Framed - include your monogram or names on the other side
  • Arch Full
  • Arch Framed

Photo Considerations

  • A high-resolution photo is required. 300 dpi is best for print and will produce a beautifully crisp result. 72 dpi is for screen only, and while fine for your wedding website, is missing too much pixel information to print well. Just ask your photographer and they will be able to provide your favorite shot(s) at 300 dpi.
  • Black and White brings minimalist drama and elegance. You can take inspiration from our Wild Spirit Gatefold.
  • Full Color looks gorgeous against a watercolor design such as our Eucalyptus Gatefold.
  • If a full front photo is what you have your heart set on, remember that the edges meet in the middle and it will look best if there is some separation between you. If your beautiful photo has the two orf you interwined, a left or right front photo may look best.

2. Centre

This is the focus of the entire invitation and should include all your core details. How it is worded and structured precisely will be based on whether you take a more traditional approach, see an example here in our Classic Minimalist, or a more modern approach (see our Mad Loveversion). Remember, no matter what design you select, all wording can be customized to suit your needs and style.

The Introduction: "Together with our Families" or "Mr. and Mrs. John Smith request the honor of your presence at the wedding of..." 
Names of the Couple: Tamara and Hamish or Tamara O'Neil and Hamish Puddy
The Request: If not already made in the introduction - "Request the honor of your presence at the celebration of their love and marriage"
Day, Date, Time
Location Details
Reception Advisement: eg. Reception to follow

    3 Left Inner Flap

    The eye will naturally travel from left to right so I do generally suggest the important details that you need your guests to prioritize, are on the left. Generally, the number one order of business is to inform your guests when and how to RSVP.
    Response: Here is the first (and sometimes only) place for the QR Code. Ideally, to link your guests straight to your RSVP page on your website. Be sure to include the date you would like them to respond by.

    Details: I would typically suggest this be a general invitation to visit your wedding website.

    "For more information regarding travel, accommodations, and reception details, please visit our website: www.tamaraandhamish.com"

    Often you will want to highlight a particular detail further, below are some of the examples you may have in mind.

      Reception: You may like to include further location and timing details here. Especially when the ceremony and reception involve travel and relocation.

      Children: Ahhhh! How to manage an Adults Only Affair? My favorite way is to address it in the following manner. Clear and precise but also very polite! A great way is to title it "With Respect".

      "To allow all guests to relax and enjoy themselves, we have chosen to make our special day adults only. We thank you for understanding."

      Gifts: These days, so many young couples would prefer a contribution toward the purchase of their first home, or help to fund their honeymoon rather than gifts from a traditional registry. You can politely nudge your guests toward seeking more information to assist this effort and contribute to a cash registry by including something along these lines:

        "The most important thing is that you are here with us today. A contribution is not needed or expected. However, if you wanted to help set us on our way, that would be so very appreciated. Please refer to our website for more details."

        Attire/Dress Code: Let your guests know your expectations here. You can even link them to suggestions on your website if you have a particular theme or color palette in mind.

        4. Right Inner Flap

        This is a great place to add a wedding day/weekend timeline. You can add any information you would like here. Icons to illustrate each point add to the fun. For instance, you may like to include Meet and Greet Drinks the night before, or a post wedding brunch the day after.  
        Do not feel constrained by my design examples. The great thing about the Gatefold is that it can be entirely customized to meet your needs!

        5. The Back

        Don't let this precious bit of real estate go to waste. Add "For more on our love story" to entice them back to your website. Or, add another photo here. Something a little funny or cheeky, or a photo of the two of you from back when you met?

        How to assemble all my information?

        Simply download the Word Template. Edit as you please, and then upload it upon ordering. It is that simple! A digital proof will then be emailed to you in 24-48 hours.

        What about the photo?

        Either upload it upon ordering, or email it over. I will check that it is 300 dpi before proceeding with the proof. If you would like me to check the photo before you start the ordering process, simply email it to studionellcote@gmail.com

        And the perfect finishing touch?

        Why spend hours handwriting countless names and address when you can order our Matching Envelopes to accompany your Gatefold Invitations. Download the Excel Template for you names and address, and upload when ordering. Practical and gorgeous!

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